Home Body FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

- What is a superset?

A superset is when you take 2 exercises (sometimes 3 = tri-set) and you do them back to back. So instead of doing 3-4 sets of exercise A then moving on to exercise B, you would do 1 set of exercise A followed by 1 set of exercise B; and repeat 3-4 times. Try to minimize rest since exercises use different muscles.


- Do I have to do the workouts on the scheduled days? 

Ideally, you stick to the program as scheduled. Exercises are programmed specifically for recovery and strength adaptations. However, life isn't always ideal. You can definitely get in workouts when you can. Saturdays are scheduled as active recovery or a make-up day. Utilize it as such. 


- Can I do other forms of exercise while on this system?

Absolutely. But wasn't the whole point of getting on this plan because you needed at-home training!? Haha. Limit other forms of exercise like spin class to once or twice per week. *You can swap it for a daily workout, BUT you have to get the beginning 'strength' portion of that workout in sometime during the week. 


- Why are there rep and set ranges? 

Not everyone is going to be the same. And prescribing everyone '10 reps' is silly. If the range is 8-12, the idea is that you choose a weight (or a certain version of an exercise like push-ups) in which you can't do many more reps than 12, but you can at least get 8. If the range is 15-20, same thing. Prescribing a rep range puts the emphasis on the WEIGHT THAT YOU USE. This is more important. If you are using the same weight or version for the 15-20 range and the 8-12 range, you are doing something wrong. 


What should my rest periods look like?

For an at-home fitness plan, we want rest periods to be as short as possible. You aren't going to become the world's strongest man with an at-home fitness program so you don't need much recovery between sets. We want to be as efficient as possible and keep your heart rate up. This is why my supersets usually work different muscles, say push-ups and squats. Your upper body recovers while you are doing squats and your lower body recovers while you are doing push-ups; but your heart rate stays up. 


How long should the workouts take? 

We as humans need to be more efficient in a lot of ways. Exercise is one of them. A majority of these workouts are set for 30 minutes. Time for a warmup, a strength portion, a metabolic portion, and a short stretching portion. There's really no need to spend an hour or longer at the gym or working out. Every minute you are doing that, you are spending less time doing something you love, something lucrative, or with your family. 


Can a protein shake replace a meal?

I strongly recommend against it. I do recommend protein supplementation, though, as it can be a great part of a healty and fit diet. Especially to help put on lean muscle. However, it cannot make up for the bulk and fiber of eating real food. Utilize a protein shake right after a workout, ideally. It can be used first thing in the morning as long as you don't wait more than 2-3 hours to have Meal #1. It can also be utilized between Meals when they are going to be further apart than 4 hours. 


- I heard nuts are healthy, but where do they fit in the nutrition plan? 

Nuts are a little tricky. They do have healthy qualities to them such as fats and nutritients. They are slightly overrated as a protein source, however. They are often touted as a good snack, but they can easily be over-done because you CAN eat too much healthy fat, as it is very calorie-dense. As a proponent of low-carb nutrition, I invite you to get these healthy fats in your diet, but in moderation. Peanut butter toast, almond butter & banana ice cream, walnuts in your salad, pistachios (so hard to stop eating though!), etc.