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Empower Employees, Increase Your Bottom Line

Corporate Fitness

Wanting healthy employees is a given for companies. 


But how about Empowered Employees? Strong-willed Employees? Productive Employees? Employees that strive for and achieve something (outside of work) that they never thought possible? Think that might translate to the office? 


There's a lot of research on how much money companies can save on healthcare premiums and things like prescription drug coverage from implementing corporate wellness programs. But that isn't the core focus of Rezolution Corporate Fitness. We just think that's an added bonus. We think rather than just saving you money, you'll make more of it. Because healthy, inspired, and energized employees are the engines of revenue. 


General wellness programs are great and a step in the right direction. But none focus as much on the one aspect that can completely change people's lives, and therefore companies: EMPOWERMENT. We empower people to sustain a healthy and strong lifestyle; feeling capable of doing and achieving anything in life whether that's losing 50 pounds, defeating diabetes, ditching the depression medication, getting the body they've always wanted, or just being a healthier role model for their children (and being around for their grand children). 


People want to be a part of something. Something big, but something that's still personal. Even if they don't know it yet. And that's where Rezolution Fitness is different. We're a brand that focuses on empowering everybody through fitness, nutrition, and a healthier lifestyle, but in a tailored fashion. It's likely that you have many types of employees. Not every one will benefit from the same wellness program. Not everyone enjoys the same fitness classes. Not everyone has the same health needs. Not everyone has the same goals. 


Education. Accessibility. Implementation. Accountability. Empowerment. Production. 


Join Rezolution Corporate Fitness today. 

Services Provided

Level 1 Offerings

- Company-wide Fitness & Nutrition Newsletter (or contribute to existing)

- Private Facebook Group

- Simple Monthly Challenges

- Monthly Educational Seminar

- Health Lifestyle Community (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

Level 2 Offerings

- Focused Monthly and Weekly Challenges

- Office Assessment & Plan for Improvement 

- Monthly Check-ins w/ Executives to discuss participation, engagement, rewards, etc. 

- Weekly Educational Seminar

- Employee-Discounted Personal Training Programs (online)

- Weekly Group Fitness Classes (if local) 

- Free Online Yoga Classes & Training w/ Kara

Level 3 Offerings

- ON-SITE fitness & health program 

- Discounted Personal Training (in-person)

- Free Group Fitness Programs

- Energizing Morning Initiatives (ie. morning classes, weekly breakfast socials, yoga/movement)

- Healthy Lunch Break Initiatives (ie. yoga, healthy catered food, comedy hours, live music, etc.)

- After-work training and group fitness sessions

- Daily Educational Seminars

- Complete Office Revamp for an empowering atmosphere